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DMX On Dr. Phil

“Unless you know what you talkin’ about, you shouldn’t say it” Earl is set to appear on Dr. Phil this Wednesday. In our first look, we get a clip of his $1 million debt in child support and recent streaking incident. Hopefully, this interview doesn’t end up like Iyanla‘s. UPDATE: Full episode.

DMX Arrest Footage In SC

Every dog has its day. But in this case of the X, it’s another run-in with the law. Last Friday, it was reported that DMX was arrested for a D.U.I. in SC. His publicist denied the claim stating he passed the breathalyzer test and was only charged for driving with a suspended license— again. 

DMX Arrested & Released In SC

This joke never gets old. DMX was arrested this morning in South Carolina for driving without a license. He was detained at County Jail and has been released. “When I could have just paid the money right there on the spot,” Simmons told FOX Carolina. “Basically it was just five hours wasted for nothing. I don’t have a court date or a court appearance.” He said he also had his five-month-old daughter in the car when he was arrested. sly fox