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Eminem Sets Digital Sales Record

Although Eminem’s Recovery has been in stores for over a year, it continues to break records. Today, it was announced the album becomes the first recording to surpass a million digital sales. Congrats! Says Interscope Vice President, Steve Berman: “Recovery selling one million digital albums is an incredible achievement by an incredible artist. I have had the pleasure of working with Eminem throughout the course of his career, and I’m delighted to be a part of yet another milestone on […]

Bad Meets Evil On Shade 45 (Whoo Kid)

Bad Meets Evil called in to DJ Whoo Kid’s show today on Shade 45. Diversehiphop was listening and comes through with a rip of the audio. Part 1: On Hell: The Sequel debuting at #1 and response from Mike Epps on “I’m On Everything”. Part 2: Evil explains Nicki Minaj line and overall chemistry with Bad. Part 3: Proof’s role on Bad Meets Evil reuniting and The Alchemist’s late pass. Part 4: Fourth of July weekend plans.

Eminem Names Sway New Shade 45 Host

Starting in July, Sway Calloway of MTV will be joining the Shade 45 family to host a brand new morning show called, “Sway in the Morning”. The show will air Monday through Friday at 8 AM– 12 PM EST. Says Eminem: “I got my start on radio with Sway and so it only makes sense for things to come full-circle and have him join the family at Shade 45. I’m looking forward to the honor of Sway making mornings better […]

Sasha Grey On “Space Bound” Video

Eminem sure has a thing for porn stars in his videos. His current leading lady, Sasha Grey, appears in “Space Bound” and discussed with MTV her interpretation of the visual. “You can read into it a few different ways, but I imagine one character is actually him, and the other is his subconscious…Em simply becomes company for her, and she mistakenly takes advantage of that…Before each take, Joseph and I would talk a lot about her motives and attitude. Her […]

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