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Joe Budden On ESPN First Take

Joey cleaned up nice this morning on ESPN’s popular morning sports show. After speaking on the Denver Broncos’ sensation Tim Tebow, he plugged the Slaughterhouse album which should be arriving next April. In the meantime, be sure to catch Mouse and the crew next Tuesday at the Highline Ballroom. Buy tickets here.

Jay Bilas Quotes Young Jeezy On ESPN

“You better call your crew you’re going to need help!” While commentating the Missouri vs. Villanova game, ESPN analyst/Young Jeezy stan Jay Bilas , quoted the “urban philosopher”‘s line from “Bottom Of The Map“.  He then continued on Twitter.  TM 103 December 20th. Got the weight of the world on my shoulders. And I swear it feels like ten thousand boulders. I gotta go to work. Lately, I been off and out of sight, seldom out of mind. Get your business right, […]

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