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Foxy Brown On The Combat Jack Show

All ears were tuned in to The Combat Jack Show with guest star, Foxy Brown. Below is a synopsis of what you missed. “Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at […]

Foxy Brown NY Post Interview

“I live a different life,” she says. “I’m not at every party; I’m not seen everywhere. That’s why people still care about my brand. I’ve never whored myself out.” Now that Inga’s dropped the weight, she gave the skinny to the NY Post. Foxy says she’s engaged and was offered $2 million to pose in Playboy. She also reveals that she’s writing a memoir entitled, A Gift and a Curse. Read the full interview and peep her photo gallery here.

Foxy Brown Mooning Charge Dropped

Foxy has another reason to pull her skirt up after a NY judge dismissed charges on her violating an order of protection filed by her neighbor Arlene Raymond. According to various reports, Raymond decided not to take the stand and testify against the rapper. If found guilty, Fox faced up to a year in jail. Following the court appearance, Foxy said of the woman she struck with a Blackberry in 2007: “It’s rooted in jealousy, it’s a scarying thing like […]

Foxy Brown Brother Charged For Credit Card Scams

Foxy Brown isn’t the only one facing jail time. Her brother, Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand was busted in New York last week for possessing a forged credit card and running a $8,000 tab at Hermes. If convicted he’s looking at 15 years behind bars. When Foxy was asked about the charge outside of Brooklyn Criminal Court, she told the NY Post, “I don’t know anything about that.” Mums the word.