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’12 Best Mixtapes: #4 Freddie Gibbs #BFK

Number four should’ve been number one to me. In case there was any doubt, BFK solidifies Freddie Gibbs place as one of the game’s coldest spitters. From the opening bell, he commands our attention with a multi-layered flow (“BFK”). Throughout the tape, Gibbs uses his voice to his advantage. He manipulates his baritone on “Money, Clothes, Hoes” and gets back to business on cuts like “Hard” and “Kush Cloud”. He understands melody (“Stay Down”) and the importance of sharing the spotlight alongside a […]

Jeezy On Freddie Gibbs Leaving CTE

Earlier today, Freddie Gibbs confirmed that he’s severed ties with Jeezy’s CTE, which just inked a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records. Da Snowman issued a statement regarding the split. As the world turns. “Freddie is a talented artist and I decided that it’s time to press reset on my career and business ventures. I have no doubt that Freddie will go on to be everything I believe he can be, and I wish him the best in his career. This […]

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