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New Mixtape: DJ Just Dizle & B.Dot The Havocalics

I’ve always appreciated Havoc’s production. In my opinion, he’s one of the best, if not, most underrated producer in the game. In addition to his work with Mobb Deep, he’s made beats classics for The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Eminem, Foxy Brown, and countless others. DJ Just Dizle shared my sentiments and together, we complied a mix of Hav’s greatest moments. Check out the stream below or download it here.

Havoc On The Combat Jack Show

Combat Jack bumped heads with Havoc yesterday on PNC Radio. Here’s the synopsis of what went down. A few weeks ago we interviewed Prodigy from Mobb Deep and the conversation was as they say “glass half full” or something like that. But tensions are building with the uncertainty of the legendary groups status. All kinds of allegations being made on the ‘nets. So it was only right that we had Havoc come to the show and get his account on […]

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