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Jay-Z & Dame Dash Reconcile

The Roc’s is in the building! Last night, Jay-Z and Dame Dash crossed paths at music exec Chaka Pilgrim’s birthday party. Hov said in an interview he couldn’t remember the last time he saw his former partner, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

New Video: Jay-Z “Picasso Baby”

If you draw, better be Picasso. After Jay-Z’s appearance on Real Time, came the premiere of his video, “Picasso Baby”. The clip was directed by Mark Romanek at the Pace art gallery in NYC. Cameos include, well, damn near everyone. Download Magna Carta Holy Grail here.

Belafonte Wants To Meet With Carters

Harry Belafonte appeared on MSNBC yesterday to discuss the Dream Defenders initiative and Stand Your Ground law in Florida. Afterward, the conversation shifted to Jay-Z’s criticism of him in his interview with YN. Last year, Belafonte told The Hollywood Reporter that Hov and Beyoncé “turned their back on social responsibility”. He later said he was willing to meet with the couple to iron out their differences.

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