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Jay-Z 9/11 “Answer The Call” Concert

Last night on the corner of 7th Ave and 32nd St in Manhattan, Jay-Z solidified his spot as the greatest rapper ever. Selling out the Garden for an eighth time, Jigga ran through a string of hits including cuts off The Blueprint 3. If you couldn’t experience it live, capture the moment after the cut.

Jay-Z O Magazine Feature

Here’s the end result of Oprah and Hova’s meeting in Brooklyn a month ago. After the jump, Jigga talks about the days of having pockets full of hope, reconnecting with his dad, and how Ty Ty straightens up around old white women.

Jay-Z On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Jay-Z week continues with A. Martinez on Hot 97. Listen up: Part 1: Hov talks Oprah and T-Pain (Again) Part 2: Still keeps in contact with some members of State Property. Says Peedi Crakk’s psycho. No, Norman Bates. Part 3: Says “Reminder” almost didn’t make the cut on BP3. Denies visiting Shyne and mentions J.Cole Part 4: Hasn’t bought BP3 or OB4CL2. Also addresses ticket scalping. Part 5: Takes calls from fans. Says “Empire State Of Mind” is his favorite […]

Fabolous Speaks On T-Pain vs. Jay-Z

This afternoon, Fab stopped by Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 and spoke on breaking T-Pain’s tirade via Twitter this past weekend. While some have accused Fab of snitching, Loso denies any wrong doing. Put a dick to your ear and fuck what you heard as Fabo clears the air. 


Part 2


Part 3


Previously: T-Pain Has A T-Antrum 

SoundScan Showdown: Jay-Z vs. The Beatles

“Ten albums in a row, who better than me? Only The Beatles, nobody ahead of me.”

Watch out Hov, them boys from Liverpool are coming for the number one spot. Coinciding the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, the Fab Four dropped a digitally remastered box set of their entire catalogue. For $260.00, The 16 disc set comes complete with album art, liner notes, rare photos, and vignettes. If the Beatles chart at number one, it will be the group’s 20th. Please, hold your applause.

Cred: CNN

Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Radio Interviews

It’s 6:30 a.m. and Jay-Z is doin’ interviews to promote BP3. After begging for about a year, Cipha and Rosenberg finally get their man. Pause.

Part #1

{mp3}02 cipha and pr 1{/mp3}

Part #2

{mp3}01 cipha_rosenberg 2{/mp3} 

Photo: Juanyto

Part #3

{mp3}01 cipha rosenberg 3{/mp3} 

Part #4

{mp3}01 cipha rosenberg 4{/mp3} 

Part #5 


Update: Ed Lover time.


 Hand’s in the cookie jar? Ha!

Part #1

{mp3}04 ed lover 1{/mp3} 

Part #2

{mp3}01 ed lover 2{/mp3} 

Part #3

{mp3}01 ed lover 3{/mp3} 

Part #4


Update 2: This is for Z100! Elvis Duran Morning Show.


Update 3: Steve Harvey.


“The Kings of Comedy tickets were on sale at the Garden for 8 weeks.” Ha!

Heads Up: Roc With Me

Update 4: Ryan Seacrest


David Paterson On Jay-Z 9/11 Concert

This was from my meet-n-greet on Monday. Here, Slick Rick‘s right handman, recognizes Hov for his philanthropy and 9/11/01. “Answer The Call” concert goes down September 11th. Bring your earplugs. Bonus: Blueprint 3 Scans | Preview Of Oprah’s Interview With Jay-Z (Think she transcribed it? Ha!)

Jay-Z On Game & Jim Jones

In the new issue of XXL, Hov tells scribe Bonsu Thompson, that he, Nas, and Eminem are in a class all by themselves. …Speaking of Jim Jones, he and cats like The Game stay throwing shots at you, referring to you as old and washed-up. But you’ve always thrived off that type of competition. So, currently in the most comfortable position of your career, how competitive are you? Not really that competitive, because the competition isn’t based on real competition.  […]

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