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Jay-Z Calls Mike And Mike In The Morning

[sparkart-clique site=”rap_radar” video=”jayz_on_mike_and_mike”] Beans wasn’t the only one on the horn this morning. After performing last night at Yankee Stadium and London, Ontario, Hov called Mike and Mike on ESPN 2. Sorry folks, no mention of “What You Talkin’ Bout.” Instead, he speaks on the Bombers and revealed that the Miami Dolphins approached about ownership.

Hey Jay-Z Won’t You Play That Song

Ok one mo’ from Jay-Z’s DJ Hero press conference today. This quote he gave NYMag is priceless: “I think after a year with DJ Hero I’m gonna start D.J.-ing parties like Q-tip and all those guys. I already got a whole plan: I’m gonna work on this for a year, then I’m gonna get me a little Serato set, work on that for another six months. Then I’m gonna find out who makes the most. I’m gonna charge double that. […]

Beanie Sigel Fires Shots At Hov

“You know they actin’ funny in the back, Mac.” Big jammy-jam in Philly last night and two former rivals showed support to one another. During Jadakiss set he surprised the crowd with the hometown boy, Beanie Sigel. He runs through “Mack Bitch,” his verse from Raekwon’s “Have Mercy,” and “Feel It In The Air,” before dissing Jay-Z?!… Ok, tryin’ to figure this out from the footage. After the end of the first verse of “Feel It The Air” which goes […]