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Ian Edelman On Cudi & Pusha T’s Acting

In case you haven’t heard, earlier this week, the ass-hats over at HBO cancelled How To Make It America. Creator Ian Edelman chopped it up with Grantland about the axe and Kid Cudi and Pusha T’s roles on the show. How about Kid Cudi? Think he has a long, fruitful acting career ahead of him?? I do, man. I thought he lit it up. When he was cast, he wasn

Kid Cudi Gives Update On Rock Album

Cudi let his fingers do the talking via his Twitter account this morning. First, he renamed his rock group with Dotdagenius and said he’s releasing their album in two months. News update! Me and @DotDaGenius are no longer called 2 Be Continuum. The world will call us W Z R D, which is short for WIZARD. And heres the biggest news, the official release date will be January 30, my birthday. Had to push it back to get the proper […]

KiD CuDi Maniac Short Film

Hope you don’t have a weak stomach, kids. As promised, Cudder and co-star Chris Palko bring their serial killing exploits to the small screen. He’s a maniac, maniac. MANIAC is a short film inspired by the song. It is not a music video and it has no reference to the song content. It will be scored by Dot and I as a film with all new music. Directed By Shia LaBeouf for Grassy Slope and Ragin4Dayz Productions. Sidebar: KiD CuDi […]

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