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Lil B Lecture At NYU

Lil B was a guest speaker last night at New York University. He gave an 80 minute lecture and spoke on a host of topics from  politics to paying taxes. FADER was there and transcribed his lecture, but here are a few rare clips. x

’11 Worst Albums: #3 Lil B I’m Gay

Lil B got the attention he wanted last spring after ceremoniously naming his album, I’m Gay. Unfortunately, his publicity stunt backfired like a double barrel 12 gauge. B’s production palette is noteworthy, but that’s where it stops. From beginning to end, I’m Gay is marred by off kilter ramblings and incoherent verbiage. Simply put: the boy can’t rap. Just goes to show that short-term decisions breed long term ramifications. Straight up.

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