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Donald Trump Calls Out Mac Miller

Once again, it’s mo money and mo problems for Mac Miller. After receiving an endorsement from Donald Trump for the song bearing his namesake, the real estate tycoon attacked Mac for not receiving any royalties. At this point, Donald ought to fire himself or

’12 Best Mixtapes: #8 Mac Miller Macadelic

Apparently being the first indie artist to top Billboard in the 21st century wasn’t enough for Mac Miller. You didn’t like Blue Slide Park? Well he addressed you naysayers on Macadelic. Young Malcom followed his dreams and boasts about his new reality on the funky “Thoughts From A Balcony”. After gettin’ strung out on the trippy “Vitamins”, Mr. Miller sobers up and steps up his wordplay on songs like the nifty “Sunlight” and especially the durable “Desperado”. Make no mistake, […]

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