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R.Kelly Penning Autobiography

For a self-proclaimed illiterate, this is rather ironic. According to AP, R.Kelly is planning on writing his autobiography. With the assistance of David Ritz and distributed through Tavis Smiley’s SmileyBooks, Kellz promises to “tell it like it is”.  Due out in 2011, the book, like his new album, is currently untitled. Heads Up: Gyant

R.Kelly: “I Don’t Even Read Really”

Last night at the Midwest Music Festival in Chicago, Robert spoke on his hometown and overcoming adversity. At the 2:10 mark, he reiterates that he’s a tad illiterate and made it through grammar school by the grace of his jump shot. Crazy. During my visit to his house in August, he admitted this as well. It’s ironic that one of R&B’s greatest composers has difficulties reading. Don’t worry Kells, you are not alone. FSD Sidebar: Trey Songz Still Ain’t Feeling […]

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