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The Truth: Is Mac Miller Being Slept On ?

Kanye West and J.Cole weren’t the only artists that dropped on June 18th. Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off¬†dropped the same day and debuted at number three on Billboard. But is that enough? YN catches up with Mac’s partner Q, to discuss whether or not hip-hop is sleeping on the fish that saved Pittsburgh.

The Truth: Live Google Hangout (Vol. 6)
The Truth

Back to discuss the most current events in hip hop, YN returns with The Truth’s 6th Live Google Hangout. In progress. Guests:¬†Mel Cole¬†(Photographer),¬†Vito¬†(fan favorite),¬†Oscar¬†(fan favorite),¬†Jessica¬†(Music Journalist),¬†Mattie¬†(ATL fashion blogger), and Kyle (fan, who needs a Twitter account).