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Arrest Warrant Issued For Tim Dog

This is a dog gone shame. Three months ago, it was reported that Tim Dog passed away from diabetes. But now, it’s been said that the rapper faked his death. According to WREG , Tim called for his demise to avoid making payments to people he swindled. Mississippi prosecutor Steven Jubera, says he will drop the warrant if a death certificate is produced.

R.I.P. Tim Dog

Tim Dog lost his bout with diabetes today and passed away from a seizure. He was 46. The Bronx native is best known for his N.W.A. diss track, “Fuck Compton” off his debut, Penicillin On Wax. In 2011, he plead guilty to grand larceny for conning a woman in an online dating scam. Last year, the case was profiled on NBC

Tim Dog On Dateline NBC

Ah shit! This past Friday, Tim Dog was featured on Dateline NBC. In 2011, he plead guilty to grand larceny after scamming Esther Pilgrim out of $32,000 in an online dating scheme. Check out the remaining parts after the jump.