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Waka Flocka Completes Flockaveli 2

Triple F Life didn’t go over so well with us, but Flocka’s already got a brand new bag. He tells MTV that he’s completed his junior set and has collaborations with Timbaland and Wyclef. “I want to drop now,” Flocka said, knowing that his wishful thinking won’t come to reality just yet. “I’ma put a mixtape out February 5,

’12 Disappointing Albums: #2 Waka Flocka Triple F Life

Let’s face it, Waka was hit with the sophomore jinx for Triple F Life. For starters his single, “I Don’t Really Care” lived up to its name and “Get Low” was just a poor effort. The project did have a few highlights with “Lurkin”,  “Let Dem Guns Blam” , “Power Of My Pen” and of course, the Drake-aided “Round of Applause”. But outside of those chosen few, it was downhill from there. Lackluster cuts such as “Rooster In My Rari”, “Fist Pump”, “Flex”, […]

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