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Wale Returns With New Mixtape

Julia Louis Dreyfus is going to love this. Wale took a brief hiatus and is returning to the scene with a new mixtape entitled, More About Nothing on August 3rd. The project is a sequel to 2008’s The Mixtape About Nothing. Welcome back, homie. Bonus: “Workin’” Produced by Yogi

Wale Explains How He Spent His BP3 Tour Money

In case you’re wondering why the backdrop is pink, Shade 45’s Angela Yee has taken over Rap Radar. Outta the way YN. Throughout the day, Angela’s adding a feminine touch to the site with exclusive audio clips and a live stream. First order of business: Wale. In a recent interview, the DC native says all his money earned from The Blueprint 3 tour, paid for his expenses on the road. Surely, it was more than $1200.

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