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Action Bronson: Blue Chips 2

The original Blue Chips was universally celebrated. Released in 2012, it was pretty much the first project that established that Action Bronson was more than a Ghostface Killah knock off. He and underrated producer Party Supplies showcased their true chemistry which is further evidenced by this strong sequel released a year later.

DJ Khaled: Suffering From Success

Seven straight albums. Critics might not wanna admit but nobody in rap did it quite like DJ Khaled did it. The Miami everything man makes big promises and often he backs em up creating some of hip-hop’ s most engaging posse cuts of the past few years. He’s a conductor and master motivator at getting A+ efforts from hip-hop’s vanguard.

Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 2

The great ones accept great expectations. They know their only competition is truly themselves. Their past accomplishments. Many were surprised when Em announced his seventh major label album would be named after his 2000 breakthrough, Marshall Mathers LP. How could the Detroit MC possibly top that ten million selling blockbuster in 2013? Well even though Slim Shady is 41, he still don’t give a fuck.

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