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#YN40 Born Day Bash Photos

All Photos: DeAndre DaCosta So about last night: I officially kissed the 30s goodbye at the Spotted Pig with my family and a select few friends and colleagues. Yup, the food and that open bar was something special (My aching dome piece!). Anyways, special thanks to Shirea Carroll a.k.a. Ms Invite Only, my lovely wife Danamo, photographer DeAndre DaCosta and young H.O. for breakin’ my 100% rapper free rule. I forgive ya! Ha!

Bun B Calls Shade 45

Mr. Combs wasn’t the only legendary hip-hop figure to check into the Shade 45 Morning Show today. Mr. 5 Mics talks his favorite albums of 2010 and his Rice University teaching gig. Yup, YN believes in edutainment, my niggas. Ha! My laugh > Wiz’s.

Diddy Speaks On Jay Electronica & G.Dep

Diddy traded the train for the yacht this morning and called YN on Shade 45 from St. Barts. During the conversation, Puff spoke on the true meaning of Last Train To Paris, missing out on Jay Electronica, and G.Dep turning himself in for murder last week. Hug a hater today and listen below. Break 1: Link Break 2: Link Break 3: Link Break 4: Link

YN Editorial: Tha Crossroads

Game, Game, go away. Please come back another day. Ha. Seriously, I shrug when talk of Chuck Taylor comes up. (Does he still call himself that anymore? Oh well. Insert shrug.) Mr. Miller has done a thankless and tireless job of keepin’ you up to date with dude’s stop-and-go path to album number four. But now with a legit single with Pharrell (“It Must Be Me“) and a mixtape droppin’ on Monday, am I really supposed to get excited… again? […]

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