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Young Guru At AES Weekend

Young Guru delivered his words of wisdom last fall during AES Weekend in San Francisco. In this recap, he speaks on the convention and its impact on the game. Short interview w/ legendary Hip-Hop Producer/Engineer Young Guru where he takes us through his weekend in San Francisco (Bay Area). From his lectures @ Pandora HQ & various AES Producer Panels to his conversations w/ the creator of BitTorrent, we get an inside look into the life of a legend and his […]

Young Guru Lecture At Pop Tech 2012

When Guru speaks, people listen. And last Fall, he had everyone’s attention at the Pop Tech speaker series in Camden, Maine. He spoke on hip-hop’s origins, influence, and music sampling. On a related note, Guru’s holding a contest to have a song engineered by him. You can find all pertinent information here.

Young Guru On “Paris vs. Poorest”

DJ Young Guru’s back from his birthday celebration this past weekend and had to get some things off his chest. Firing up his web cam, Guru responded to the alumniroundup article on The Throne’s “Niggas In Paris” vs. Mos Def’s “Niggas In Poorest”. As always, Mr. Keaton makes excellent points.

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