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  • RT @iLLBehav3d_: I’m mad I’m just now watching the greatness that is Will Smith on this interview with @ElliottWilson 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  • RT @MultiPlatinumHD: @ElliottWilson @cthagod saw that Brilliant idiot's interview just now. Epic talk during that. A lot of huge points abo…
  • RT @ImTheRegularGuy: This #RapRadarPodcast episode with Will Smith is great, amazing job by @ElliottWilson and @bdotTM 👏🏾
  • RT @Rux_Tailor: "fighting yourself to maintain positivity is one of the hardest fights you're ever gonna have" Will Smith. Yup #RapRadarPod
  • RAPRADAR: New Music: Mobb Deep “Don’t Fuck With You”
  • RAPRADAR: New Music: Fat Joe & Dre Ft. Chris Brown “Attention”
  • RAPRADAR: New Music: Mac Miller “What’s The Use?”
  • RAPRADAR: New Music: Lil B “Keke That’s My Kitty”
  • RT @ItzMeMarcus: Finally finally seeing this @ElliottWilson and #RapRadarPodcast with Will Smith...
  • Never late!

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