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Q-Tip (Part 1): Playfully Pwns Rick Ross

Interview: Elliott Wilson

Don’t really know why Q-Tip was the first rapper I decided to chop it up with for my new venture. It just clicked in my mind one day to do it and I hit him on Twitter and voila. I enjoyed his last album like most critics and I started to notice that no one had really ever interviewed him about the music in great detail. Here’s a guy who took damn near a decade to release his second solo album and I think this body of work deserves re-examination. So after a Martha Stewart appearance where his dog Monk pissed on the studio floor, The Abstract ambled over to the RR Mansion. Here’s Part 1 of all you ever need to know about The Renaissance. Cop the album cause he dropped it.

Are you satisfied with the response to The Renaissance?

Yeah, I