Lil’ Kim Sees Biggie In Her Dreams

Lil Kim

Interview: Brian “B.Dot” Miller

On the track “Notorious B.I.G.” from Biggie’s posthumous album Born Again, Lil’ Kim bragged about switching her style like that hottest new dances. Well tonight, Kimberly gets a chance to cut a rug on the season premier of the hit ABC reality program Dancing With The Stars. Hours before slipping into her heels, Kim spoke to RapRadar about the show, her label situation, and Biggie’s thoughts on Notorious.

Dancing With The Stars seems like a career stretch. How were you approached to do the show?
When I first came home to prison they actually called to get me on the show then, but my life was so hectic. I was still on house arrest for a month, and it was hard for me to maneuver. They wanted me to come in then, but I couldn’t do it. Wasn’t the right timing. So I said, “Let me do it this year” cause we really love the show.

How were you able to watch the show from jail?

I was in a federal prison, so we had a little bit amenities than most of the prisons. But, it was really a bad prison. It wasn’t like I was in a camp or anything. I was in a prison, prison. But the prison I was in, we only got to watch 10 channels.

Were you controlling the jailhouse television set?

[Laughs] We had to agree on what channels we were watching because sometimes fights break out. The crazy thing is all of us like the same shows, mostly. But what happens though is that when there are fights over the shows, they take the TV from us for the whole week. But Dancing With The Stars believe it or not was the number one show [in jail].

What do you think of all the dancing in hip-hop these days?

The times change. I like it. I really don’t have a problem with it because music is music. If it’s a song that I don’t like, I don’t like it. But I know a lot of people who have their little sayings about the Soulja Boy dance. I ain’t gon front, I like it. I was doing it the Superman in my kitchen. I ain’t gon front. [laughs]

Aside from a few features, you’ve been relatively quiet on the music end. What gives?

I been getting my priorities and my business straight. I mean, the last couple years was a fight for me because I been trying to get off my record label and I finally did it. So, I’m independent now and that’s one of the reasons I was under the radar.
So, what’s the status of Queen Bee Records?
I got tons of offers, sort of like a small bidding war right now for who is going to be my partner. I’m definitely trying to get [that] off the ground cause a lot of artists come to me and say, “Kim, I wanna rock with you!” and I be like, “Dag, only if my shit was set up right now.”

Your new record, “Download” samples Zapp’s “Computer Love.” What was the motivation behind that?

“Computer Love” was one of my favorite, favorite, favorite records. And just before I went to prison I heard the song. I was like, “Yo, with computers being the new wave of communication and the new cell phone, and the new everything, I’m like this is so perfect. I got to do this song over.” So I said I’m a make a song that’s strictly about making love on the computers.Is your new album entitled Vintage?
No, that’s was something somebody put out there. I’m hoping the time the show is over I can release my album or at least my first single.

So “Download” isn’t your first single?
Well, it depends on when the album comes out. But, I’m praying that I get the chance to put it on there because the record is with the Track Masters whom I had a deal with. They are going to have that record on their [DJ Envy’s] compilation. But, I feel positive that we can put it on my album. So we’ll see. It depends on how soon my album comes out also.Switching gears, you’ve been publicly unsupportive of Notorious. If Biggie were alive, do you think he would’ve been pleased with the film?
I’m a very spiritual person and he’s come to me many of times in my dreams. But, I don’t think he’s happy at all, at all! Because Ms. Wallace doesn’t know Biggie at all and she barley knows Christopher, if you know what I mean. At all! And I was around. Even before he blew up so crazy, so I know how he felt about his mom. And Biggie was so much more than what they put him out to be in that movie. And to be honest with you, I know for a fact he’s not happy. He’s not satisfied at all. At all. And regardless of the fact, everybody who is involved in this movie, he has love for. Everybody. But at the end of the day, he knows who’s who and what’s what. Believe that. And let me tell you something, the way he’s feeling is going to come out. Like, trust me. Everything is going to come out later. You’re going to see who he really loved and the ones that’s standing up for him the right way is the ones representing him the right way.

At this point, do you think he’d want you to reconcile with Lil’ Cease?

I think after what Cease did, no. I’m going to tell you what my spiritual connection from Biggie is telling me, “Don’t look back, just do you” and that’s why my success is right here for me. I’m moving in a very positive direction, I don’t care what nobody say. They can have all the negativity and all the bull. Biggie said “Don’t look back. Forget Cease, forget all of them because they going to be sorry. Cause what they did was wrong” and he knows it.

Fair enough. But didn’t you want Christina Milian to play you in the movie?

Just know how they put that crap out there is straight bull. That’s not the truth. Christina Milian is a real good friend of mine and she happened to be on the phone with me at the time and we talked, you know what I mean? And she knew how unhappy I was. And at the end of the day, I had a couple of friends that’s in Hollywood that was like Kim, “I’ll do that, I know you very well. I’ll play it for you.” So I wanted to get someone who actually knew me and knew my sexiness and knew my sophistication and who can pull it off. But at the end of the day, the movie wasn’t about me. If it wasn’t about me, then why did you show the personal [stuff]? Why didn’t you show me as a part of the group? They basically sensationalized the movie around Lil’ Kim. I’m the only person that they’re like talking about.

But what about how your character was portrayed?

[The] whole point and the matter of the fact [is that] I should’ve got to pick the girl that played me. And not necessarily Christina Milian or whoever else, but she could’ve damn sure played it better than that girl and I know that because Christina is my friend. But at the end of the day, that’s not who I would’ve picked. I wouldn’t have picked Chrisitina Milian to be honest with you. I wouldn’t have picked a known actress. I would’ve went to Brooklyn [and] had a casting call to be honest with you. Because there is nobody who could’ve pulled off that Lil’ Kim-Brooklyn feeling besides a Brooklyn girl who grew up in Brooklyn and knows what that’s like. That’s what I would’ve done.

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  • Rob the Music Ed

    BDot getting his Barbara Walters on huh?!? Big is also unhappy with all those posthumous pieces of shit he was put on! He told me! RIP!

  • Black

    lil kim is full of shit about big. cease didnt do shit to that dumb fucking whore. stupid ass bitch.

  • D.

    “Hahaha” shut the fuck up wasting your damn time hatin on kim!
    I’m happy kim doesn’t take shit from nobody, she’s mad nice and she’s protecting herself, cut down the haters cut em down kim!

  • CTS

    So he doesn’t like Notorious, whats his opinion of Watchmen?

  • mimi

    Download better not be her single. That old ass track. Kim has fell off. she has a serious identity crisis and its not even cute nor excusable anymore. she might as well have went on the Surreal Life, seriously.

    Bottomline was people expected some music when she got out but she was partying with Marc Jacobs. Now since the movie dropped shes acting like everyone is waiting for a Kim album. She’s barely doing the doggie paddle on the remixes she’s jumpin on! She better get back to basics… get her shit together… then holla abt some music.

    Lastly, Naturi got her check for the movie. Kim stay dogging the girl. She didn’t write the damn script. She was sent to do a job and I think she did a decent one. So if you’re mad… be mad at urself and the director. Also, you get out what u put in and she said herself that she didnt even contribute to the move. So take ur own advice, Shut up bitch! Like its that simple. You’re going around shitting on his moms and all that. But you’re claiming to be classy!?!? Be serious ma! If you didnt like it, you could have diplomatically stated that and moved on. No one going to cry your ass a river! It is what it is and history is what it was. That movie was told for other’s perspectives… that shit was BLATANT. So in other people’s eyes… you were what you were!!!! I mean you can either care or not care, but since you didnt help your image by helping with the research to the movie… hang the shit up ma

  • tesa

    She rapped in Keyshia Cole song let it go , she needs to let it go!Biggie is resting and he not in No Lil Kim dreams, she needs to STOP, if Biggie was here he would still be messing with other woman and hurting her feelings and dissing her, if she had so much Love for him why she fucked the whole industry. What? Biggie told her in her dreams to do that.And Mrs. Wallace may have not known the things her son did,most parents don’t but she knew her son better than anyone including Lil Kim, Diddy Faith etc. that was her son,she gave birth to him, if it was not for her kim would have never fucked him,so she needs to stop saying the lady did not know her own son.She was with him at birth, everybody else met him way way after.

  • Whuck!!! Whuck!!!!!


    I am praying 4 U . It seems like u r still greiving

    Biggie!!!!!. Why don’t U just gone and do ur own movie telling ur side, and maybe that will help u 2 move on. b/c u wasn’t protrayed in the best light in the movie so I can see where U would b HURT!!!. Do your own movie girl????

    We waiting??????? don’t wait 2 long do it while their’s

    intense interest in the Notrious Movie especially in

    the way u were presented which was not 2 good!!!!!!!!!



  • Cancer82

    I love Kim, I mean HUGE fan, but I am starting to feel like she going threw that MJ syndrome. Why al the fake hair, face pieces and body parts? it’s really scary. I love that Brookyln Kim that didnt give a rats ass about nobody! I mean i know we all grow up but you were a beuatiful girl before al the surgeries. bottom line you are very insecure and being in the public eye doesnt help it. SOMEBODY CALL DR PHIL!!

  • No1b4Me

    Dream on…Biggie is with you…Make the movie..

    Make it right….

    North Carolina

  • No1b4Me

    Dream on…Biggie is with you…Make the movie..

    Make it right….

    North Carolina

  • JJust being Real

    I AGREE WITH “OH HANG SHIT UP” %100…And just to add, Voletta Wallace claims Lil Kim said she feels like a white woman in a black woman’s body” and I don’t see any reason for Ms.Wallace tomake something like that up. I believe ger because the once beautiful young black woman which was Kimberly Jone aka Lil Kim is no more. I barely recognize her with all the plastic surgery and fake accessesories…it’s like she really would prefer t o be a white woman. DAMN Kim, I always had love for you, but look what your doing to yourself and think of the message your sending the unfortunate young, black girls that look up to you. You were beautiful how you were, now you look like a plastic black Barbie. So it doesn’t sound like I’m a hater I just say Kim…mind what you say about BIG and his mom out of respect his children are still around…..PLEASE BOO LET IT GO!

  • lil mo aka jerell

    i feel you on that “no one can play you” lil kim but you. i love biggie he was a legend of hip-hop you are the best just do u 4 real. all those haters is in the way. i always told my self people going to talk so y stop them let them talk its a good thing. now when they stop thats when you got to witch your self people will do any thing when they hate on people like ourselves just do you and fuck the rest of the phony bitchs they dont but money in your hand nor gave you anything so fuck them and donwhat your heart say.

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