Fat Joe Album Forced To Lean Back

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Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2) April 7. May 19.
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  • Phillycustoms

    eminem comes out may 19th, not like anyone cares about his labum release BUT it will definitely see another push back….

  • killerchris2k8

    Didn’t this niggas last album sell like 30k? Why can’t these niggas who are done just invest their money and leave the game alone. I could see getting show money but investing time and money into a project that no one cares about is stupid. Walk away Mr. Cartagena

  • I’m sayin’

    Elephant In The Room did 100k total, if i’m on an indie, why not come out with another LP. 100k on an indie is banking you a at least 2 or 300 k, why let the money pass you by…sounds like the practical thing to do.

  • killerchris2k8

    I can’t argue with you there. It’s not like this nigga knows any other way to spend a year making 300k than making wack albums.

  • itsmemang

    The market’s down,so catch yourself some deals,nice real estate, some stocks/bonds…but I think I heard everything Fat Joe’s gonna say in one lifetime.

  • Who cares


  • A-Lista

    Yeah right. Someone pointed out that independent artists get more money than regular artists… Not only a little more, they get like 50-80% of it!

    So that means that Joey made at least 500,000$ off that Elephant in the room. YOu niggas be dissin da don but he is the FIRST independent artist to go plat!

  • Macho

    Fellas lets get the facts straight. Joe is pushing the album back to get some samples cleared and to allow the Big Pun album “Legacy” to drop 1st. Initially his album was set to drop April 7th with Pun’s posthumous album “Legacy” to drop May 19th. By the way the legacy album is available for download (This is a free album for all pun’s fans)at this link: http://www.zshare.net/download/60117651404ea981/

    There’s some new producer raul cruz who laced the album. yall should peep it…its hot


  • odogg357

    nigga joe sucks pun is better joe’s fake ass with his rented jewlery / cars i know i drive rv’s for the music videos so what fake ass joe u suck ts is dead & raul cruz is not sum new producer anyways he’s dope & real