The Reason Why Jim Jones & Co. Go Kufi Smackin’?

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891910&w=425&h=350&fv=]
A reliable source spilled the beans that at MTVU’s Spring Break taping yesterday in Panama City, FL, Jim Jones got pissed after Lil Wayne walked past him without acknowledgment. Da Capo then allegedly threw a quick fit and dropped a coupla F bombs in Weezy Wee’s direction. But shit hit the fan, after a Wayne fan threw one back at Jim and his entourage. The above footage appears to capture what happened next.
Props to The Butcher
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  • Mr.Londoner

    rappers are mad sensitive…[ OBVIOUS FACTOID OF THE DAY]

    or is jimmy looking for fake beef……again?

  • Jerz201

    I’m not a fan of either. But why would Jenny Jones expect to be acknowledged? Hes a nobody. He hasn’t made any major waves in the industry and he doesn’t have enough talent to be respected in the underground or by real Hip Hop heads. Hes just another insecure ignorant bum mad because his career is going nowhere despite all his best efforts. And this is not impressive in any way. Weezy’s people appeared extremely outnumbered. Pus*ies do pus*y shit.

  • mobile

    but its clear in the video that jim put a cease to the altercation. and of course i know the site is trying to make a buck and say jim was involved but call it how you see it not even the big security got involved. maybe since its vlad tv you have to keep it “journalistic”? :shrugs:

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    so basically you guys got all that from this vid? “weezy’s people outnumbered”? not sure if even what’s said here is valid, but it clearly says “a weezy FAN”. and it doesn’t matter who it is, you throw F you’s at some dudes, if you mess with the right ones you gonna get touched. and yeah, jenny put a stop to it, but REAL security stops fights/avoids conflict, not starts them. shout out to jenny’s bum ass wanna be security. i smell a law suit. jenny better sell some cds because he’s going to need that ‘chini for something…

  • Chicago-getta

    This dude Jim is out there bad right now.

    His credit card gets denied at a hotel

    He filled bankrupt

    Producers he didn’t pay for his xmas album are suing him.

    His xmas album did Ron Artest and Team Blackout #s.

    Fighting R&B singers in Louie Vatton stores over purses and scarfs (how gay is that).

    Camron stopped giving him money and letting him eat off his plate.

    Now weezy don’t know him and his crew is fighting fans?

    Looks like Jim is waking up from dreamland. The ride is almost over. He’s in his 14th minute.

  • Kev Black

    C’mon Y’all this shit is stupid. Fuck these rap Niggas. read a book and make somethin of yourselfs. Don’t follow these shuckin and jiving steppin fetchit niggas. We are more than this trash.

  • Bloody Shame

    LOLOLOL…did team black out #’s.

    Team Black out sold only like 210 units…LOLOL

    BUT, maddd niggas was on that we fly high shit…..don’t front!

    And madd security jump niggas for the smallest reasons…don’t front.

    Wonder why weezy walked by Jim….maybe Jim wouldnt kiss Weezy on the mouth like the birdman did…LOL

    Jim losin his swag…..bloody shame….bloody shame.

    I wonder if I can’t feel my face, with juelz and weezy still gonna drop?