T.I.’s Bronx Tale

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The day we launched, T.I. and Vibe magazine visited some youngsters at a school in The Bronx. I never had a rapper come to my school. But then again, I barely went…I keeeeed.

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  • Marvelous Mo

    he visited a boys & girls club, not a school. I used to attend Kips Bay when I was a young’n. That’s not too far from where I rest my head.

    Brings back memories.

  • ?????a???

    i love u t.i.

  • York aka mr.yorkcentral

    you inspire me to do good and make good music thanks

  • channy

    man that was i’m glad u r doing this alot of kids need your help they r all confused about life really good job man


    U R NUMBA 1 da best thers so many wonderfule things i could say but when u get out i know u r goin to make an even greater impact on the world!!!

  • megan swartz

    i will need help with getting my life strate

  • T.i # 1 fan

    T.i you setting a great example for younth kid…….luvvvvvvvvvvv you

  • $1

    check out new songs posted (hello haters and what gon happen to me)

    thxs, $1

  • 3

    aw ti is so amazing, such a good role model for kids. i cant wait til hes back on his hustle making amazing music and being a positive role model for evryone again

  • Yipes

    He’ll be out of jail, strapped and rollin dirty asap. Let’s wait til we see lasting change before we start callin him a role model eh?

  • K3Power

    lol this nigger is so ignorant!

  • nick.

    dam…i feel bad for this nigga, he shouldn’t good to jail tho..it would fuck up his life completely…

  • Bria Price

    It is good that you are showing the youths, that you can change a bad situation, and turn it until something positive, you also should keep your head up, you still need love.

    From the Officially Mrs.Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

  • DMJrzy

    This young man has been in loads of trouble in his life and he has totally turned it around and is now trying to give good advice for the ones that will follow those specific footsteps. For those that refuse to listen to anybody….trust~ you will regret that one day!

  • What Up

    The good thing is wen hes in jail he’ll start writing some good music and have a album out after his jail time in 3-5 monthes

  • POLO

    Black male celebrities can sometimes serve as father figures for inner city children who come from broken homes. However, most rappers constantly mislead our youth. Im glad to see he is doing just the opposite. There’s nothing better than the truth.

  • Billy Keyser

    we have all made mistakes the severity of our mistakes do not equate our value what we do when we see how we effect our surroundings so the comment “this niggers ignorant” is repetitious thus ur a fool dont talk anymore its wasting others time, besides what do you have to show for your self besides a large dose of idiocy fuckin fool… all i can say is props T.I. hats off and credit will be givin where its due… Gods speed… oh and Fuck U Hater!!

  • Gi Gi

    I have always been a huge fan of T.I. It is good to know that he really does wanna make a possitive impact on our children. He has grown and become a man. Anyone who has anything negative to say about what T.I is doing to reach out to the youth needs to look into them selves and figure out where exactly they need to improve and grow. It is true everyone makes mistakes. Its wether or not you choose to learn from them and grow that will determine your future.

  • Kendra F.

    You def. turning your neg. into a positive. And for everybody thats talking down on you I guarantee they have been in predicaments b4 beggin for forgiveness.(not saying that your begging for forgivness.) So before you go on judging someone else think about the time you made a decesion that wasn’t so smart. Me personally I make mistakes every day..but guess what I LEARN FROM THEM! Thats why god allow you to make mistakes so you can have a brighter future when your faced with a obstacle you think you can’t handle! I respect T.I. because atleast he know he did wrong and isn’t denying the fact that he needs to be punished. & For those thats commenting on this bog acting like they perfect, what he doing is called OWNING UP TO YOUR MISTAKES! && Like he said, “you can’t expect me to think like you cuzz my life ain’t like urs!”

  • ?


  • mizz. maine tampa, florida

    to the one that say only god can judge me you said EVERYTHING i would have cause we all make mistakes it just not put out like everybody else god did not make us perfect we all make mistakes even pasters and like he said we learn from them and we have to continue living our life cause tomorrow or even the rest of the day is not promised. he has apologized to his fans and the people which he didnt have to only a real man like T.I would come out and let it be known and i love him for that cause my 4 lil kids look up to him and i let my kids look at all the positive things he has been doing so that others will not make those mistakes so those who are downing him can stop the hating and own up to your own mistakes so that you can move on with your life so like his song say live your life not worrying about MR. HARRIS(T.I) LIFE cause we all live different in so many ways

  • B-Reel

    I have a load of respect for T.I and what he is working to do. Showing America’s kids and teens thats having an education is a cool way to go. That everyone in life makes mistakes and that we need to be able to learn from those mistakes. He is teaching with experiance, and I believe he could save many youths from becoming a statistics. T.I choose to lead a rough life up until recently, I respect him for being a man who can walk away with a positive word, eventhough it was a negitive situation.

  • portaroc

    i believe in choices,and we as people choose,inthe roads we take, base on the life givin or thrown on us,for only you have to live with that choice,AND FOR ONLY i live with the joy or suffering in my lifes choices,so im askin for a little time,for your own choices,to just listen to my life illustated with my words,to give sight on the choices i made,so i ask u to choose,and listen to my songs like 1.OH,LORD 2.GRANDMAS LOVE [email protected]

  • LOVE T.I

    Omg i gonna miss t.i when he goes to jail

    I love t.i

  • We need this message across the United States and further.

    You T.I. are responsible for this change and follow by the american peopel.. your fans are there for the obvious reasons. Freedom of speach. Real people and public relatiomns. Communication, your strong poiint and perserverence to perform your best for the people who honor your courage with help through life. and livin the life is rediculous too. School, education is the most valuable thing, in life. Your education, Start to finish is yours, it is not the same when you have ones who have their rights

  • narr

    wooww.. imma miss youu =/

    cant wait to see you aagaain

  • T.I’s wifey!!

    T.I please dont let anyone judge you only God can judge you! i appreciate what you are trying to do put a change in youths lives you are doing a great job i will keep you in my prayers and I LOVE YOU!! dont worry about the haters because they will always be there! Wat Up Wats Haapnin All My HATERS can get at me!! LOL! i WILL MISS YOU!!