Cam’Ron Gets A “Lil’ Confused”

Killa Cam sat down with JD Anderson of the.LIFE Files and touched on an arrange of topics from Rihanna-gate to not voting in last year’s election. He also talked about his relationship with estranged Dipset members Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

On Jim Jones

JD Anderson: I read you had a phone call with Jim and now he

On Juelz Santana’s contract:

… I read the article that came out a month before. Then, I read your article. And, it kind of made sense to see what you’re saying that you ain’t really sell the contract. I guess, you didn’t sell him as a slave, which I guess, promoted all the controversy. You wanna speak on that a little bit?

Cam: Who’s that? Damn, who?

Ah, man. Aight, moving forward. Oh, I wanted to ask you too about the blue Lamborghini You still got that?

Cam: Nah, I got rid of it.

Cam is back now, he’s back…

Cam: Yeah, yeah. I never left. I’m just a lil’ confused about, I wasn’t sure…I can’t have a bad situation with nobody I don’t know. What’s the dude name again?

I believe, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

Cam: Hmm, sound familiar.

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  • sassy

    WOW, I wish they were not beefing, I had love them together, they all brought something different, Why do people let money ruin friendships, and what hapeened to forgiveness, Niggas think they too much to forgive another nigga. They all some REAL ASS NIGGAS, and some sexy ass thugs. Diplomats! Diplomats! Can we get a Diplomatic IMMUNITY reunion?