Raekwon Co-Signs Busta Rhymes Legacy

“He a definition of a true fresh MC. What we can’t forget is that like he said it’s always about the work ethic. And when you makin’ strong music and you can stand around for 20 pieces, 20 darts. You a bad man.”

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  • Incilin

    We were talking about this the other day; Busta is apart of every movement that came through New York in last 20 years, but he is never a definitive member. Yeah, he has a classic like Scenario, but Native Tounges is defined by Quest and De La. He did Victory, but shinny suits is all Puffy and Mase. He did joints with Jay and X but late 90s was all Def Jam. Early 2000s he gets down with Aftermath, but its really Shady and 50 who made that hot. So on and so on.

  • JaRouge

    I don’t think DJ Drama is his biggest competition on May 19th.

    Let’s not forget that RelapsE is dropping the 19th as well