Infinite Playlist: Mannie Fresh

Mannie Fresh

At this point, it seems like this warrants its own headline. Here is DJ Eleven’s ode to DJ Manny Fre-Fre-Eee-Fresh with 50 Minutes of Fresh. Do yourself a favor and download the damn thing. And by the way, Mannie Fresh > J Dilla. (R.I.P., of course)

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  • Cap

    LOL, you don’t have to be a pussy about it. Just say Fresh is better and that’s it. And don’t try to make a halfway apology with the RIP either.

  • hec1979

    Manny Fresh > Jdilla? How so.

  • Alias

    Manny Fresh > J Dilla. (RIP, of course)


    suicide yourself

  • Cam Cooke

    I’m from the south (Georgia, Louisiana and Texas) but I bump Dilla religiously. Never could get into too many Mannie productions. Weird huh.

  • Holla Black

    Mannie Fresh > other South producers

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    without being biased (because ain’t no way in hell mannie fresh is better than jay dee IMO), when mannie does a session without hiring someone to play an instrument other than a keyboard AND has a wider scope as far as his sound (there’s no way anyone can tell me that all of his stuff doesn’t sound the same)…

    that,s not even the tip of the iceberg. c’mon, B, please…

  • levar FM

    mannie fresh >>> j dilla?


    who co-signed this?

  • JackInTheBox

    Saying that Mannie tops Dilla is pure blasphemy, man. In the words of your ex magazine, STEP YOUR GAME UP

  • sweeneykovar

    i’m so shocked.