Just Blaze Snippets (Tony Touch Show)

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Here’s another treat from the Shade 45 airwaves: Last Tuesday, Just Blaze played some brief but spectacular snippets from the above marathon Baseline studio session. Jay Electronica also shot some video from that night that I’ve been trying to get my hands on since our launch. In the meantime, this better hold ya over.

No Clifford here. But my other rap buddy named Jay sounds great and when was the last time you heard Mos flow this well. I guarantee whatever Just got is 10 x doper than any bullshit Pretty Flaco album on the way. Some artists need guidance!

Snippet #1

{mp3}01 just blaze snippet 1{/mp3}

Snippet #2

{mp3}01 just blaze snippet 2{/mp3}

Snippet #3

{mp3}01 just blaze snippet 3{/mp3}

Snippet #4

{mp3}01 just blaze snippet 4{/mp3}

That’s Kweli talkin’ to Just on #2. Reflection Eternal were also on the Tony Touch show that night.

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  • Yo.

    Whats with the Mos Def Hate YN? I dont think any of his work is as good as BOBS but he is still better than 98% of any Hip hop artist out. Mos hasn’t really lost a step IMO.

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    i’m leaning towards YN on this one. for me, though, i think it’s a matter of what he COULD do as opposed to what he’s doing. i agree mos hasn’t lost a step, but look at the tracks he’s “stepping” on. it could be better…

  • 2ndaryProtocol

    Fuck dude…this is really refreshing, not that I hated New Danger and True Magic…they just weren’t my taste…this shit is definitely fuckin’ dope though…who’s album is this on and when does it come out

  • jay electronica fan

    wheres that video footage you were talking about?

    i want to see it

  • Dark Skinned Jermaine


  • jay electronica fan

    are you going to post it?

  • mariab

    WWowwwwwww ! this is classic dude, this is classic !! mighty mos def!!!! real hiip is back