R.I.P. Hip-Hop Connection magazine


Say it ain’t so! As the first hip-hop publication, Hip-Hop Connection has fallen on hard times. And after 232 issues, the U.K. based mag is finally folding. In their final issue, they surveyed 100 MCs to crown the Greatest Rapper Of All Time. But com’on, let’s be honest. 2Pac >(insert MC here)

Props Unkut via HHC

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  • DJ Daddy Mack

    DAMN. Reminds me of when Scratch was canned. 🙁

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    i’m losing respect for you more and more every post…

    just kidding…

    i have to say i have yet to get a list together as far as top mc/rapper/lyricist. all of my favorites hit me differently, so i just enjoy it and keep it moving…

  • Barry Washington

    2Pac as GOAT? hahaha nah thats false. not an opinion its factually false but top five bid? yeah sure.

  • girlz_luv_me

    damn..i know u must be playing B.I.G. has nothing but classics..and u know this MAN!

  • micheal

    nah man tupacwad simple and although he connected or w.e. he wasn’t the greatest, maybe the most musician-like, wait no maybe the most emotionally lyricalv(i need a better adjective)

  • H Dot

    goat mag