RR Listening: Asher Roth “Asleep In The Bread Aisle”

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Pressed for time but here goes: 

1. “Lark On My Go Kart”

You know I fucks with this one. That track is hard. The crazy Jewish kid behind the boards here is Oren Yoel and this well-produced album is as much a coming-out party for Roth as it is for him.

2. “Blunt Cruise”

Saw him do this one live at SXSW. An ode to weed. Roth ain’t a player but he smokes a lot. Not as bad as Cudi tho.

3. “I Love College”

Hate it or love it, the shit went gold. Weezer sample or not.

4. “La Di Da”

My personal favorite cut produced by Don Cannon. I think I’m quietly becoming a stan of the former Aphiliate’s work.

5. “Be By Myself”

The next single features Cee-Lo on the hook and has an ill musical breakdown in the bridge.

6. “She Don’t Wanna Man”

A clear stab at a third single features Keri Hilson on the chorus that Roth wrote. She replaced an original version with Estelle that didn’t fly.

7. “Sour Patch Kids”

This is Scooter, Roth’s mgr’s favorite. I honestly don’t remember much of it. Wasn’t bad tho.

8. “As I Em”

Here’s the one that’s gonna get the Internets crazy. Roth goes right at it and addresses the elephant in the room. That’s right the Em is for Eminem as Roth breaks down the comparisons and pours out his heart and soul. Can see the line of journalists waiting to ask Marshall what he thinks of the record now.

9. “Lion’s Roar”

Busta Rhymes bumrushes the show here and New Kingdom is on the hook. Anyone remember them?

10. “Bad Day”

Another rap lost one, Jazze Pha pops up here just because he happpened to be in the same studio when the song was being recorded.

11. “His Dream”

Asher’s personal favorite as he breaks down his relationship with his father who made career sacrifices for the sake of his children.

12. “Fallin'”

Another one from the heart as Roth talks about his life and just when you get to really know who the man behind the music—boom it’s over. Leaving you wanting more. 

Don’t worry iTunes has some bonus joints:

13. “Perfectionist”

A capable collabo with Akon’s Rock City and a fellow Philly MC who’s rugged neva smoove.

14. “The Lounge”

Y’all heard that one before.

OK Ross is shippin’ 600K. And Roth 200K. So first week dreams of Rocky beatin’ Creed don’t look good but I believe Roth crafted an album that’s gonna silence plenty of haters, open a lot of closed minds, and make plenty of critics’ top ten lists of the year.

This Asher Roth kid may take some gettin’ used too. But he belongs.

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  • Pcire

    I can’t wait to hear As I Em. Fallin’ sounds like its gonna be crazy.

  • Big M

    What is it with people and 12 song albums….jesus fucking christ….but i sounds dope and imma give him a chance, the lark on my go kart joint is dope, i want as i em

  • richdirection

    New Kingdom, what this kid know about them, might just have to fuck with this kid.

  • Erick

    How is Lil Wayne? Does he trash Eminem in “As I Em” or does he just point out differences between the two?

  • Skittles911

    When does this even drop?

  • Mel

    That As I Em track need to leak. The rest is whatever, I’m not really feeling the kid. I think for all the comparisons he’s trying to get away from when it comes to Eminem its a bit ironic the track about Eminem is the one with the most buzz.

  • Kelita

    can’t wait to hear this album. when does it come out?

  • TS

    Wasn’t he supposed to be on track 9 with Busta Rhymes. I may be wrong but thats the rumor goin around.

  • Erick Olson

    Yeah, I meant how was Lil Wayne on Lion Roar? When I said he, I meant asher roth. I ‘m gonna get beaten for saying this, but I’m more excited about this cd than relapse. Crack a Bottle was shitty and I didn’t even like Encore. The Eminem Show was the last dope shit he put out.

  • JustinCase

    I’m Excited To Hear This Album And I’m Also Excited To Hear Some More Of Oren Yoel.

  • masemase

    And I think it’s gonna be huge…”Lark on My Go Kart” and all early reviews say the same thing: hot.

  • Keyboard K

    Wow – he brought back the ‘Cheap Thrills’ cats. Mars was my joint off that first album though…

  • bals

    this is a totally different New Kingdom, a band from LA that the producer Oren Yoel is a part of. they are SICK. album is crazy.

  • Marvel

    Oren Yoel killed it on asher’s record and his band New Kingdom is off the chain! saw these cats in LA and it was wild. 4/20 is going to be a great day.

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