Red and Meth Make A Video

Meth and Red

Looks like Blackout 2 really is gonna happen since the Dust Brothers shot a video for a song that we haven’t heard before. It’s called “Mr. International,” and I guess it’s the album’s official first single. More flicks from the set after the break.

Hey, it’s Erick Sermon.

Erick Sermon

Where the hoes at?

Red Hoes

Red Hoe
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  • outKasted

    when i saw them in December and they said Blackout 2 was coming out in 09, I kinda didn’t believe them. I’m glad they’re proving me wrong.

  • Big Bad Eazy

    The girl on the left in the third photo is “Rabbit” from Real Chance at Love. She was also in the “Pop Champagne” video. I hope Def Jam supports their home-grown talent, no pun intended.

  • a2d

    These dudes used to be my favorites. Now they’re looking like some smoked out has beens in serious need of stylists.