Bun B Rejects Pharrell’s Production

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In an article in today’s Houston Chronicle celebrating the release of the final UGK album, Bun explains why he turned down outside contributors for the project like Pharrell from The Neptunes.

“People needed to hear the UGK they were used to, the way they were used to hearing it,” Bun says. “Pharrell (Williams of the Neptunes) is a really good friend who really wanted to contribute to this album. We were concerned with it fitting in sonically. You don’t just do things just because you can. And I didn’t want it to seem like I was taking advantage of the situation by working with people that I wanted to work with.”

Plus, Skateboard P’s been slippin’ and his recent sonic tunes haven’t exactly been hard to resist. No one’s payin’ a ransom for his tracks anymore. Good call, Bun! Ha!

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