Omarion’s Sex Tape?

Omarion YBF

These lil R&B niggas will do anything to stay relevant won’t they. Fresh off his haircut, Mr. You Got Served appears to be swagger jackin’ Ray J and videotaped some X-rated fun with his new ex-stripper wife and her special friend. Oh my.

For all the raunchy, photo-filled foolery: YBF

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  • big456

    wtfuc* is this sh&t

  • kiki

    People will do anything for publicity. Looks like they planned the whole thing just to clear his name of being gay. It only makes u look worse when you try to defend yourself. Your not gay…ok but don’t try to prove it with a stripper (who will do anything for money). It’s pointless and trashy. Sorry O but bad choice.

  • Real talk777

    This nigga gay as hell, He know it. Being bi-sexual is GAY too O, I guess there’s nigga’s out there that saling their asshole for record deals, damn. Rap sucks literally