Lil Wayne x Baby Have Money On Their Mind


Karen Civil has obtained paperwork filed by Cash Money against several mixtape DJs. Most notably is DJ Drama over The Dedication series. This development comes after reports of Wayne filing a lawsuit against, Quincy Jones III  regarding an upcoming biopic. Good grief, these niggas are down by law for real.  

Update: Drama explains the lawsuit

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  • Shevan

    forreal ive been saying fuck wayne but the first 2 carters and dedication i fucks with…but now after watching this shit man fuck wayne and everything he did…sueing mixtape DJs? fuck outta here pussy ass nigga fuck ur life how u gonna sue niggas that promote your shit and made u the hottest nigga in the streets

  • 2wo

    I call BS. April Fools late fam.

  • Ferrari

    Yo! the yellow cat at the end, is that YN’s cousin? He just MURDERED wayne! “when you fart, the cum smell come out your asshole.” HAHAHA!!! For serious? DON’T SUE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.