Throwback Video: Nas Post Summer Jam 2002 Interview

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Deep in YN’s hip-hop treasure trove comes a candid interview with Nas at the height of his battle with [insert any rapper/ DJ here]. At the 4:22 mark, Nasir throws Funk Flex off the train.

“From my understanding he was mixing at gay clubs. Now he’s mixing on Hot 97.” Ouch.

After the jump, he talks about the conspiracist Hot 97 and his foiled Summer Jam plans. Smarten up, Nas.

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  • chipcityls

    This shit cracked me up…..he was dissing dudes for being an insult to the rap game…then had the nerve to ride with Ja Rule just months later….

  • Ferrari

    I like Nas because he never raises his voice. Says a lot about the man. I rock with Nas. Funk Flex is just a big blabber mouth with game. I say he has game because how else could a Dj with mediocre talent become household name? (or not)

  • Seend

    I’ll go for sad…Poor Nas.

  • Gitty Dough

    Nas is an Artist its sad this day and age nobody has love for a True M.C the media done brain washed evrybody,now the worl think’s there hood and if you can dance to it most likely it wont sell

    if you say im hot,your underestimating the potential that i got

  • JDS

    Nassir is far from perfect, but he deserves way more respect than he gets. i can’t stand to see legends get shitted on by people who should know better.

    the craziest thing is Nas understands his contradictions and dichotomies, and still gets no love or credit.

  • Joaquin

    Don’t front on Nas you crumbs…

    In 10 years everyone will realize what it all means

  • humble men don’t look 4 credit

    Only whack ass artists and whack ass stans hate on Nas because they know he is the TRUTH…that is why Angie and Flex still respect Nas today…they know that he is the truth! If you notice Nas never associates with these phoney industry poeple…he is too humble for the bullshit…so while haters continue to hate…Nas continues to make progress and history! Nas don’t give a shit about the haters! He does not need to get the credit from the fake and the phoney, the true artists and fans know that Nas is the GOAT…and you can best believe he is very well respect by many all over the world!

  • Hombre Negro

    is G.O.A.T