Guest List: Seven Collaborations That’ll Never Happen

Unlike any other music genre, Hip-Hop thrives off guest appearances. Sometimes these collaborations are so plentiful, you end up forgetting whose album you’re listening to. Hit the jump for seven collaborations that your ass will never see before you die. And if you have, will never happen again.


7. Eminem and Cage
After Eminem said, “Bought Cage’s tape, opened it, and dubbed over it” on “Role Model”, that pretty much sealed the deal of a future collaboration. Even if  Em ran into Cage, he probably wouldn’t recognize him since he looks like a lost member of Kings Of Leon these days.

6. Cam’ron and Beyoncé (Again)
On the Jay-Z diss track, “You Gotta Love It” Cam said, “Beyoncé, fiancee?/ Check my second LP/ I might bring her back/ That’s your girl, that’s your world/ Had the thing fucking singing ’bout slinging crack!” Cam of course was referring to the song “Do It Again” off his 2000 album, S.D.E. I’m pretty sure you’ll never see this collaboration again. Why? Not because of Cam’s beef with Jay, but because he refers to Beyoncé as a “thing”. Guys, if you ever want your girl to claw your eyes out like a cat, call her a “thing.”

5. Dead Prez and Flo-Rida
I promise you this collaboration will never happen. If it does, I’ll start a website called and proclaim him as the second coming of Rakim.

4. Spliff Star and Memphis Bleek
Hip-Hop fans could not handle the elevated-weed-carrier-vibe a collaboration like this would bring. Let’s not forget, Bleek has actually sold records, so it’ll be hard for Spliff to control his jealousy. Afterall, only one person walks away with $10,000 for saying, “Wave your hands in the air.”

3. Skillz and Diddy, Ma$e, Will Smith or Jermaine Dupri
Anyone remember the original version of Skillz’s “Ghostwriter?” At the end of the track, he said he’d spill his guts if he weren’t compensated for his pen game. And after getting sticked for his paper one too many times, Skillz made good on his word. Personally, I would’ve omitted Will Smith from the song. I’m pretty sure the guy that mows Big Willie’s lawn rakes in paper than your favorite rapper.

2. Hot Rod and 50 Cent
Tell me you don’t love this video. Hot

Rod wouldn’t even have to do anything for me to kick him off stage. I’d be mad he was there to begin with. The ship has sailed on

Hot Rod’s GGGGGGG career. Most people only get one shot with Fif to do

right right thing—unless you’re Yayo or Banks.

1. Charles Hamilton and Heltah Skeltah

Here is how rappers used to dress. Here is how some of them dress now. Why this collabo will never happen? Because Charles Hamilton would probably shit  his pants stepping into the studio with Ruck and Rock.

What are some collabos that you don’t think will ever happen?

—Broken Cool

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  • Chris Cash

    SlaughternHouse and Dem Franchise Boys

  • CV

    cage? what about canibus being on the next em lp?

  • Jesse H.

    Heltah Skeltah can not get props on the way they dress when they looked how they did on their last album cover.

  • sbu

    thats like the snake bite and the serum rolling together!