John Cena Gets Shady At Wrestlemania

I’m a wrestling fan (any slick ass comments about that and you’ll be receiving a Batista Bomb with the quickness) and while watching Wrestlemania 25 last night I noticed the WWE’s former white-boy rapper turned American hero John Cena channeled one Slim Shady for his ring entrance.

You’ll remember Eminem doing something very similar at the MTV Awards several years back. But instead of baseball caps and jean shorts, it was blonde hair and white tees:


Fun fact: John Cena raps better than both Flo-Rida and Charles Hamilton.

Broken Cool

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  • Peekay

    ha! I completely agree with the Fun Fact.

  • Kelvin

    It’s unbelievable how dope Em used to be. I seriously flip back and forth between he and Jay as the greatest rapper alive. Fuck it I could make a case for Em being the GOAT.

    “Since birth I’ve been cursed with this curse to just curse.”

    So simple yet so amazing.