RR Exclusive: Bishop Lamont Is No Longer Aftermath (Confirmed!)


A very reliable source at Interscope Records spoke to the good folks at Aftermath Entertainment and DJ Vlad has been vindicated: Bishop Lamont is no longer a part of Aftermath. Enjoy your day.

Previously: Dr. Dre Drops Bishop Lamont From Aftermath?

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  • Joynt

    Such a terrible move by Dre, any truth to the joining G-Unit part?

  • Hip Hop Head

    so does this mean that people should still be beefin’ with Vlad? Was he wrong for breaking the story???

  • What’s Up With Business

    who drops people without telling them first?

    and why do people lie about it?

  • kYo

    does it mean they scrap a crap load of work because bishop is done and dre looks for new writers or did bishop not do a lot on the album to begin with?

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    Bishop Lamont lost.

  • power

    that isnt much of a confirmation, thats just repeating what DJ Vlad said he heard. i’ll wait for an official statement from either Bishop or Interscope/Aftermath

  • Hey U

    Aftermath Label = Black Hole for artist

  • Jonny Left Coast

    man these niccas lie because at the end of the day they feel stoopid as fuck! U really expect Bishop to come out & say he was dropped after talkin shit about everybody else (Joel Ortiz etc.)???

    i could see this from a mile away… Bishop is the fakest nicca outta the west coast

  • you need more people

    why can’t you name your source? dropping someone from a label isn’t top secret. if its true, get a quote from dre or jimmy iovine. hip-hop media is worse than the tabloids sometimes.

  • Vision77

    I wont believe it until I see acknowledgment from Dre or Bishop…..everything else is speculation

  • bornalone

    Bad Boy West in the building!


    I was at a 50 show last night in Irvine and when 50 came out I noticed Bishop was right behind him standing on stage next to whoo kid! hmmm interesting…ill still wait for a reliable source. FYI this site and DJ VLAD aka DJ TRASHBAG are in cahoots!! so fuck yall!

  • JohnnyACE♠ GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    …but they still doin bad in general.

  • Disco Vietnam

    For someone who built his career as a journalist, to suddenly abandon your integrity for the cheap traffic you missed out on when this bullshit story first appeared is disheartening. Your source should be named. Confirmation should be provided by Dre and/or Bishop. Otherwise you’re just a rumor mill and not worth my click.

    Even if this rumor proves to be true, this post has done nothing to elevate the game. Your intentions are pretty transparent so do this shit better or don’t do it.


    I would hate to doubt you Elliot, but some of Vlad’s actions lately are type suspect..

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  • mike


  • mike

    A DOPE ALBUM FO 2010, please! okay?

    the REFORMATION still needed for real, crazy cuz

    so if you fuckin’ get the rights of 700 tracks from ya ex label

    u can burn 15 songs on a damn cd and drop it soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!