RR Exclusive: Lil Wayne & Young Money “Every Girl” Video

{mp4-flvremote width=”540″ height=”350″}http://facebook-video-0.vo.llnwd.net/video-ll-sf2p/v2685/85/82/1025289643773_42158.mp4{/mp4-flvremote}

Please don’t shoot us down. Ha!

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  • dmc

    typical consistant crap…what else is new

    oh wait…. “we made you” destroys this shit

  • trenoops

    I am gettin TIRED of the TALK BOX, skrewed verse, radio sound Who’s gonna create the new formula?????

  • SMH

    SMH & effin hilarious at the D.Woods shout out mentioned with all the other stars like he really would have known who she was or even done that if her sister wasn’t down with the clique. SMH again at this garbage hoping Drake don’t get sucked in to Weezys styrofoam cup world!!!

  • Genius

    There’s a thin line b/w constructive critism and hate.

    Let’s guess where the first two comments stand.

  • JR

    its funny everyone who talks shit about wayne is living in the past. Music has evolved if you havent noticed. Stop saying all the new stuff out is garbage. Gansta rap is gone and played out, pop 1990’s west coast cd’s in if thats what your looking for. LOL