Rick Ross Shooting Next Video In Colombia

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Where else would a former Corrections Officer Drug-Dealing Kingpin shoot a video? Ha!

BOOKED: Rick Ross f/ The Dream – Gil Green, director

Rick Ross in Colombia sounds like trouble…
    * artist: Rick Ross f/ The Dream
    * song: “All I Want”
    * label: Def Jam/IDJMG
    * director(s): Gil Green
    * production co: 305 Films (note: Green is signed with Merge @ Crossroads)
    * rep: Labuda Management

Props: Video Static

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  • Big M

    Are you serious?…If so, imma go there and shoot the motherfucker so we can get rid of his shitty music…And i live in Colombia so that sounded disrespectful but its ok, happens with U.S people

  • Damn

    Dont shoot the mnotherfucker, let him die by himself. He will commit suicide after his album drops hahahahahah.

  • CIY

    I’ll say one thing…Def Jam can’t be blamed when RoSS FLOPS hard ’cause they spending some money on this niggas project. 2 Bad the streetz is not fuck’n with Ross no mo!