RR Exclusive: Eminem “We Made You” (World Premiere)

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Eminem “We Made You” (First single off Relapse. May 19.)

{mp3}we made you_main_031809{/mp3}

Applaud YN and his site. You give us 29 days. We give you the world. Ha!

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  • JFK

    Upon first listen, this is pretty good. Welcome back, Marshall.

  • Coolhand Luke

    The beat, hook and bridge are good, but the verses are just recycling his same old first single recipe. Talking shit about pop stars in an annoying revved up nasally voice. Im hoping that this is as much of a sore thumb on this album as his other singles have been.

  • psycho

    Lyrics is still on point, people are gonna hate cuz they want the old em “voice” but they gotta come to terms that this is EM


  • RLTK

    Why does he insist on making that stupid voice… he does it on purpose, I fucking hate it. Song overall is okay, honestly I’ll probably play it a few more times, but that fucking fake accent voice, it’s unbearable, it gives me Encore flashbacks.

  • Simon

    AWEESSOMMMEE , em is truely back!!! Hook is awesome , beat nice, lyrics stick!!

  • Smuckers

    Yeah he’s doin that shit again but at least he has the nuts to say it. Who’s on that chorus? Ain’t really J. Simpson.

  • Kakun

    Nicee, i like it , for a single that has to attract the masses its verrry good, better than any lil wayne shit.

    And for his true rap fans there will be the album.

  • psycho

    not sure tho

  • LilJoe

    Dammn i like it , and i like his voice, it´s way better than all the auto-tune stuff.

    nice SINGLE!!!

  • JFK

    Because all his first singles do. And this one actually SOUNDS different from the others, that were all on that cartoony backdrop shit. Of course he’s still doing the incessant pop culture name dropping, on his Jayceon shit, but that’s what Em does. At least the flow and beat sound different. I’m not mad at this.

  • kanye west

    As much as I would like a single without the name dropping, such as Lose Yourself which actually did really well, this is actually better that Without Me and Just Lose It. Each of his lead off singles represent the quality of the album and if this has anything to show of whats to come then it is promising.

    But honestly I won’t listen to this song more than 1 or 2 more times unless I am walking passed the mall and hear 12 year old girl’s cell phones ring.

  • Captin Stubing

    Wack Juice! Nas never got to finish his statement: Hip-Hop is dead…..If you over 30! Leave Rapping 2 the kids you old heads can’t complain anymore if there isn’t going 2 be a significant contribution! Word2muVa!

  • Mill i Am

    You have to listen to it a few times. I love EM he ticks to his format and his flow is still impeccable. I cant wait for him to piss ppl off. This CD is guaranteed to be very DOPE. You already know he has alot of emotional things going on from Proof to his wifey

  • Ace

    u must love eminem if u cant enjoy this track.. this is the worst fuckin song ever, and i WAS an eminem fan.. i say was because i cant say i like him any more.. this shit suffers from

    A. weak hook (but thats the least of the troubles)

    B. Down syndrome voice

    C. fast akward flow to match the down syndrome voice

    d. Terrible fuckin lyrics… i mean i rather listen to Shawty Lo lyrics

    and dont give me the “no this is creative” or “well he always does it on the first single” if he was really hip hop and really respected the game he WOULDNT

  • rex hussla

    this shit is wack…stop lyin’ to yourself the nasally voice shit is terrible

  • infamousmarcos

    I have to sex to this song

  • InfamousDavid

    I am having sex to this song.

  • Tru

    As one journalist to another journalist, please do me a favor and ask Marshall why he chose to use this song to re-introduce himself to the world. If you can’t get a hold of Marshall (we all know he’s a “reclusive rapper”), can you please ask Paul why Marshall would do such a thing? I’m sure you speak to Paul often, considering he’s the half-owner of this site. You can send him a Tweet. It’ll be quick and simple.

    Or perhaps you can ask Dr. Dre? Or maybe even Jay-Z ’cause he might know. I know you got your connections up there. But please. Just enlighten me.

  • LilWayneFAn



    YOung Moooollaahh Babbyyy

    Lil WAyne fucks you all!!

  • LilWayneFAn



    YOung Moooollaahh Babbyyy

    Lil WAyne fucks you all!!

  • eminem rulez


  • cisco

    i dont like it i was expecting something like wow amazing and the shit but nvm this is whack as balls what the hell is up with his voice anyways his fake ass jamaican accent is pissing me off wtf

  • damm

    He turning into Lil Wayne with this pop shit…

  • JerzInThisBitch

    You can tell lyrically he is still at the top of his game. I already knew this would be a funny single making fun of celebs and mostly talking about having sex with female celebrities. I don’t know how anyone could have expected anything different. I understand how some of “the internets” might be mad. Don’t worry, the album will have more hardcore and emotional songs on it. It will be a very good album. But still, how can some people not enjoy this? Eminem wouldn’t be eminem without the funny controversial single that pisses people off. To each his own I guess. But I love this shit.

  • Den12

    funny sh*t=)))

    he’s still the GREATEST!!!!

    G-g-g-guess who’s Baaack?=)

  • amityvilleev

    I can’t believe this ….

  • OBAMA :)

    Eminem wouldn’t be eminem without the funny controversial single that pisses people off.

    Soo true, haha i you understand the lyrics its just fun , i hope the vid is up soon.

    A single that has to top all charts has to be pop do you know why? because pop means popular. I ofcourse love more the deep songs of eminem , but this is just a nice single that makes you happy 🙂

    Soo Shut the fuck up all internet nerds who are hating on eminem.

  • dmc

    this funny and i dont think people realize this wasnt ment to be a hardcore track

    eminem is a comedic rapper,and all his songs are catchy

    thats why people like them

    honestly its nice to take a break from everyone rappin about patrone and 24s and money and love in the club

    the lyrics are good if you actually listen and not hate as soon as the chorus drops

  • Jingle Bells

    What the fuck is with the bells making it sound like a christmas album and Em’s voice is just shit and his flow is awful what the fuck is going on……

  • shady

    i didnt think i would ever say this…but the thing that lets the song down is em’s voice n delivery style… the beat is hot n the hook is fire.

    still fuckin fire!

  • Karma

    1st time i heared it i was dissapointed as im a huge eminem fan but as i listened more i liked it more this will be like the rain man track’s what he has on his albums so expect more deep lyrical shit on his album!

  • autowayne

    he did it again. nailed it.

    whats with all these autotune & lil w lovers in here? i’ve never understood them.

    maybe that is popular in the us, but not in europe.

  • B-ZAR

    He’s crazy, maaan! :))

  • The Watchman

    As king says never thought i would say it but Dre makes a good beat and eminem kinda let it down but after numerous plays i’m satisfied with this song, great catchy beat and the lyrics are meaningfull…..i mean this track is rippin everyone else off, he said it would so i did not expect anything else.

    This WILL be HOT!

  • eBoy Holland

    New Shady Style aiai hard

    Thiss eboy

  • CardinalMan

    i’m a little let down with the song, but it will grow on me, this song is still better than 95% of rap that’s out now, great beat, great hook, em has to stop with that voice though….

  • MIMI






  • cee jay

    i cant believe some of these comments. this song is as gay as fack was. eminem is a freak these days, with his corny beats,corny lyrics, corny voice. this is a patheticly shit track and anyone that sayes diffrent one of these

    1. a total nerd

    2. is not a rap fan, a pop fan

    3. a daft wee teenage fan boy that would love anything done by eminem, including a cum-shot

    i am from the uk(scotland) and pop is popular over here, but i am sure even people over here will hate that

    eminem should never have started another album

    and as for the guy that said this song is better than 95% of rap out. you are a mongo mate.

    you obviuosly dont know hip hop you fool

    this song is among the worst rap songs ever

  • Cletus

    this is a travesty. I remember when Eminem was cool- y’all remember? Way back in the day? That nasally shit has got to go… it’s irritatting, like wet sand in my bathing suit. It’s like someone gave Urkel a record deal- ugh. (Remember Urkel? Or are y’all too young?) Also, Eminem needs some pie- he’s looking gaunt. That being said, I like the video, if I watch it with the volume down really low. It was awesome to see Dre in the captain’s chair.

  • cass

    this is the best yet lil wayne is wack he got the same raps o metaphor,,non of his crap makes sense,,music has to have a concept n theme u dont jus blabber over a beat thats wat makes eminem tyt he creative wit his flow n delivery..

  • jimmy

    Yea, Eminem is saying rap is basically dead… he just killed it.

    If that shit took five years, I hope the second relapse album gets cancelled. I thought he couldn’t get anyworse that Ass Like That an that shit on Encore…he just did.


    What is it with Em and this overnasal/half Pikey/british delivery that he’s doing nowadays. If this iswhat his album is gonna be like, then he has just officially lost a fan. This song just poisoned my eardrums

  • TheTruth

    Before I started this I was going to address certain(like the dude from scotland) but ALOT of you guys are idiots so why dont I do like Jay said and bury you all at one time.

    Lets look at the mechanics..ANYONE who says his flow is awful on this you dont know about riding a beat, pockets, multisyllabalic flow. Peep this for example:

    “Why should I wash my filthy mouth out/You think that’s bad, you should hear the rest of my album/Never has there been so much finesse and nostalgia.”

    He hits the snare and kick individually and on the “pay attention/Jennifer Aniston” line he blends words perfectly. So if you dont know about flow DONT SAY SHIT!

    Now for those who just dont like it. I dont expect yall to like this. Eminem doesnt expect Hip Hop heads to like it, IT’S THE FIRST SINGLE TO GET THE TEENY BOPPERS! Just like Lil Wayne made the craptastic “Lollipop”(which if you argue this is worst than then YOU dont know Hip Hop). Which is why Jay-Z made the disappointing/this song is only hot cause of the beat “Show Me What You Got”. It’s the first single..CHILL THE FUCK OUT!

    As song as a whole, content, flow, beat and all that, it’s ok. It’s cool. This is the best his “Rainman/New Nasally” voice has sounded and it does get a little annoying at times but it’s an ok song.

    And to those saying he’s not Hip Hop cause he does this go look at Biz Markie songs, go look at Redman’s funny songs and videos, go look at the Beastie Boys singles. People misconstrue HIP HOP to be synonymous with SERIOUS GANGSTA/SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS. We need that funny dude. As long as he isnt taking himself serious, shows he can actually rap(look at how I broke down his flow) then it’s cool.

    For anyone who doesnt like “Just Lose It”..GOOD..that was a weak attempt at him being funny and was just bad. For those that dont like “Without Me”..DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT FLOW AND LYRICAL ABILITY. “everybody just wants to discuss me/So this must mean I’m disgusting”. COME THE FUCK ON!!

    And last but not least…listen to the chorus…and go look up the word “satire”. Eminem isnt just being funny for the heck of it cause it sells..he’s saying..”We’ve made you a rock star, we cant blame you cause we supported your antics and shit so give us what we want.” Just like niggas didnt want Jay to do a “Kingdom Come” but supported him when he did “American Gangster”..just like people didnt want Nas to do a “Hip Hop is Dead” but supported him when he did “Untitled”…he’s staying in his lane.


  • Bronxzzz

  • ace

    how r these lyrics meaningful?? talkin about kim kardashian being a man with a fat ass, lindsey lohan being a lesbian and wanting to have sex with sarah palin is not meaningful ITS POP ORIANTATED SHOCK VALUE..

    maybe if these bullshit insults were clever and rapped in a way that he didn’t sound like he had down syndrome then i wouldnt mind this track as much.. but its a terrible track

    and lmfao at u have to be popular to make pop music.. so if backstreet boys came back and their album didnt hit #1 it wouldn’t be pop music

    some of u faggots make the worse excuses

  • ace

    sure we need “that funny guy” in hip hop… find him cuz this mothefucker isnt and hasnt been funny in fuckin years..


    hey fellas if you feel this song is wack like myself do eminem a favor and send him his own lyrics:

    “Till I collapse I’m spillin’ these raps, long as you feel ’em

    Till the day that I drop you’ll never say that I’m not killing ’em

    Cause when I am not then I am stop pennin them

    And I am not hip-hop and I’m just not Eminem.”

  • haha

    you all keep mentioning his first singles always being like this…I’m pretty sure you all are the 14 to 15 year olds that have only heard his wack shit…Hi, My name is was a diss song but it had impressive lyrics and his real voice…on the marshall mathers LP same story, same with eminem show

  • haha

    you all keep mentioning his first singles always being like this…I’m pretty sure you all are the 14 to 15 year olds that have only heard his wack shit…Hi, My name is was a diss song but it had impressive lyrics and his real voice…on the marshall mathers LP same story, same with eminem show

  • dennis

    em, you were unsigned hype in the source for a reason… your speech for run dmc couple days ago was inspiring, but stop letting girls sing your hooks and focus on your raps again. the voice was funny the first time you used it, using it over and over doesn’t make it funnier.

    and the beat is absolutely garbage, i prefer some of timberlake’s and even britney’s “beats” over this crap… go timbo and pharrell!!!

  • overkast

    the video is great…but the song is terrible


    Please do not refer to Jay-Z. Jay would eat ya boy, if he had to!

    “multisyllabalic flow”..LOLOLOL>just cause he uses words greater than rat, cat, dog, he now has some great multisyllable type flow….you killin me with that one.

    LIl Waynes lollipop was a zillion times better than this song. there was no debate whether the song wasnt hot, the world jumped on it, and rocked it…unlike this song.

    I aint like Show me what you got neither…with you on that one.

    “As song as a whole, content, flow, beat and all that, it’s ok. It’s cool. This is the best his “Rainman/New Nasally” voice has sounded and it does get a little annoying at times but it’s an ok song.”
    Why does it sound like eminem sings in ALL HIS CHORUSES??????

    Kingdom come, and hip hop is dead, were both a gazillion times more hip hop than this shit, they made you bop ya head to it, unlike this.

    This is pop(hip pop/hardcorepop) music…it sounds like a verbal page six, or something to pump in a fashion week model show tent, or a BBQ at the hamptons. In my opinion ya boy cant rhyme worth a damn. but that’s just my opinion the way he rhymes, you can tell he is not from around the way. Which would not be a big deal, cause there are still mc’s from outside the hood with flava. How are teens in the hood gonna relate to Jessica ALba, who the fuck is that? He is so not a B-Boy at heart. He’ll relate to beverly hills, and….he’ll make his platinum albums…but he should not be credited as the best rapper…that’s hilarious. Kills me when I hear people say this song goes hard!LOL 2 thumbs down/behead him/feed him to the lions. Like the late great Big L said…” If they said that shit was hot, then they told you wrong!”

  • deme

    Lollipop a world hit? kidding me?? got to wikipedia hahaha , it was a good pop song but it only topped in america.

    Australian Singles Chart 32

    Canadian Hot 100[16] 10

    Dutch Singles Chart 31

    German Singles Chart 22

    Irish Singles Chart 28

    New Zealand Singles Chart[17] 3

    Swedish Singles Chart 29

    UK Singles Chart[18] 26

    U.S. Billboard Hot 100[16] 1

  • george

    i am pissed off with this he used to be good never the greatest but top 5 (not of all time) when he was making music before. this song is pathetic and the the chorus is gay its much more pop than anything he has done before like fucking ti doing shit with timberlake come on!!!!!!! the guy started in nsync for christ sake its like rapping with a back street boy. any way all he has done has shown that he has arguably one of the best flows still but thats like ray allen saying he has one of the greatest 3 pt form and spending all his time playing american football. hands down all i can be with this is disappointed.

  • Adisa

    Every album he leads with a formulaic track that clowns soft pop targets. He stirs up some controversy and the stans line up to give him the title of “The Greatest”. Yawn.

    When y’all gon’ start to see the gimmick?

  • dugz

    its just typical eminem… i look forward to eminems return…. and who the hell tinks that robot talking lil wayne is good?? lil wayne is crap


    “As song as a whole, content, flow, beat and all that, it’s ok. It’s cool. This is the best his “Rainman/New Nasally” voice has sounded and it does get a little annoying at times but it’s an ok song.”

  • Bloody shame…..Bloody shame

    This is the 3rd time I now have to comment, and I am convinced that my 2 cents was edited….because after stating what THE TRUTH had said…my response was LOL….even you dissed him!

  • Tully

    omg, just read what the Scotish lad said and jeesh, this guy does not speak for the U.K….whos ever heared of a Scotish rapper….hmmmmm

  • A.X

    This song is the best song in all of hip hop history … and eminem is the best rapper in history … this song have lots of meanings u have to read the lyrics and know what it talks about … haha man eminem is the best !!! keep it up dawg !

  • Dawood

    Elton John: “There just aren’t many people in the world with balls that big and talent that awesome.”

    Here I’ve tried to collect all notable tributes and quotes on Eminem from peers: http://www.tributespaid.com/quotes-on/e/eminem