RR Exclusive: Asher Roth “As I Em” (Full Song)

{mp3}08 we must respect yn{/mp3}
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  • bxteacher

    Okay so he’s paying homage to Em. So far his album sounds as though its gonna be nice. However, it doesn’t help that Em is coming back now. Asher might not get the notice he needs.

  • Dave

    For now, can’t hear the rest of the song…

    what’s up?

  • (Full Song)

    Is this just the XXL guy’s blog or a real website?

    Where are the good pieces?

    The interviews?


  • Huh.

    I think he’s doin this just to steer clear of the asskickin he might recieve. I don’t feel A.R., others might, but imma let him do his thing. Go get that green lil dude. Saw him in T.Westwood, and I aint impressed…

    *throws tomatoes

  • che

    look u people are so stupid as to think that asher wont get any attention just because em is comin bak out, they are 2 different ppl from different styles to lyrics, just look past the fact he sounds like em, then u’ll actually relize he doesnt soundso much lik him….other than that his album is gonna be beast asher is deff coming wit it im really looking forward to it

  • The Mansion Boys

    Its gay, and not in a cool san fransisco way. Does every white rapper have to have an ode to em song? Ill answer for you. No.

    I was with him on the lark go kart joint, but here i lost the will to buy his record.

  • Koaaa09

    this isn’t an ode to em. It’s Ash showing his respect but stating he doesn’t want to be grouped with him because he knows he’s nothing like him besides being white and sounding somewhat similar. Listen to the lyrics guys… this is a pretty sick track, i bump it

  • lsfgknasl;g

    look every white rapper should have an ode to em he paved the way for all white rappers just like elvis did when every body thought that only african americans can do what he did. Asher is a man he just admits in this song that he respects him and em is why he is where he is today and people say hes dissin em thats not it but hes saying he not gonna sell out and he gonna stay where he is! thats a true artist!

  • joeyy

    cmon this song is sick and asher is paying his respects but also saying hes nothing like him. whenever around asher the elephant in the room will be the eminem comparison and so far in every interview he said the same things so now he has to address it because it follows him everywhere.he said now when ppl ask he can say “song 8. conversation over” because he is tired of this. this cd will be dope too bad half of it leaked already. idk if i wanna think of this track as a diss tho but in ashers one song “silly boy” the one lines a diss i think.. it goes “and that eminem comparison is barely accurate/my rapping is as passionate but lacks the psychopath of it” … damnn son mad nice lyrics..overr

  • bs

    Just let it be. And take Em’s name out of your mouth homie. I know I’m not even close to comparin the two, yes they’re dif. artist so why he hootin n hollerin for? Let it be Ash, just let it be.

  • joey lic

    ok, so from what i’ve heard, the guy really isnt that bad. yea his gimmick is straight eminem. “i love college” can be compared to “my name is” cuz its not a lyrical single but a check me out song. this song ain’t bad, nice lyrics and eminem flow. HOWEVER, eminem is a battle rapper as well as a lyricist. it’s easy for someone to sit down with a pen and paper and write to the beat and spit it out, but can this guy freestyle. i doubt it. it was smart to try to stop the comparisons with eminem and create a song about it but until this guy does eminem sales: 3 million on the debut, oscar winning song, 1.75 million albums in a week, over 75 million records worldwide where he is in a category with Journey and Van Halen, groups that have been making music since the 70’s, come talk to me then about Asher Paul Roth… Oh and once this new album comes out, he’ll be in the Frank Sinatra category.