Joe Budden Bumrushes The Roots Show

Two Kings of the Internets collided last night: Mouse and ?uesto. Check out Jump-Off blessin’ the weekly Highline Ballroom proceedings. Don’t know why I keep forgettin’ like Mike McDonald to attend these gigs. I lost. Anyway, ’til Dallas Penn comes with better footage, this should hold you over.

And did I miss some greasy talk?




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  • RamJam

    …I was listening for the greasy talk too. But Buddens did rip it.

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    i still don’t get why dudes cup the mic. nno matter how many shows i go to, someone always throws up some cat that i don’t know his/her lyrics, and i do try to give newbies the chance but i can’t understand most of the shit they’re saying because somebody out there made it popular/the thing to do. any mc’s/rappers reading this: yo, that shit kills clarity. you can still be heard loud and clear. cut that out, B…