Ray J x T-Pain’s Playboy Quizzes


Looks like Weezy ain’t the only brother on front street. Ray J took the Playboy challenge and had this to say about the infamous romp that made him a household name.

“The memorable sexual experience that keeps popping up in my memory is the time with my ex-girlfriend [Kim Kardashian] in Cabo, Mexico. It was memorable because I put it on my video camera and the whole world is looking at it. I just can’t get it outta my head. I don’t think nobody else can either. It was just a fun time together. We were young, we were both 21 and we just had a good time as couples and just wilding out. We just got down with massages, getting drunk and getting down in the Jacuzzi bath.”

Nigga please. Can’t knock the reality show hustle, but Bush took your booty away. Your 15 mins is up. Ha!

Teddy Penderazdoun after the jump.



And Mr. Autotune’s most memorable sexual experience is:

“Wow, it was….maybe this time in Costa Rica. My wife and I went to Costa

Rica for her birthday, and found this strip club that nobody went to,

and pretty much just went in there every night and fucked all the

strippers in there. We did it about 12 times, with a different woman

each time. It was awesome.”

Guess his wife with the “huge knockers” is down for sharing. Nappy boy. Lucky boy? Ha!

Props: ATLNightspots for the heads up. 

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