• Love it!!

    Wow, that cover looks dope! Hey, tell me when it hits the newsstands?

  • supreme23

    its’ time for shawn to really step up as a ceo in music and get shit done much love to hovito but we need results not just living off the past its time for some vintage jay-z bring back Dame put him on again and kill the game cause i remember hearing him (jay) say this is ROC-A-FELLA for life we need the energy back fuck the money we know ur caked out u hustled like the streets u ran in the day put a stamp on the game better yet a ROC-FELLA stamp on it. everyone followed the blueprint from u dame and biggs from the labels clothes kicks swag and owing shit i need to start antispating ur verses like jordan breakaway dunks not lay-ups ONE .

  • Jay Z is the man! From the Black Album onwards up to his recent collaboration with Alicia Keys on Enemy State Of Mind he just seems to produce classic after classic rap songs and classic Rap & Hip hop music videos. And even though hes getting on now hes still at the top of his game and as good a rap music artist as anyone out there in the current hip hop music scene.