RR Exclusive: Big Sean “Say You Will”


“I don’t want fans. I want believers.”

Here’s another treat off Big Sean’s mixtape which drops later today. You know the student had to touch this tune from the teacher. I honestly had low expectations about this project. But, I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. Go Big Sean, I ain’t mad at cha. Ha!

“Say You Will”

{mp3}16 say you will{/mp3} 


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  • Mr.Londoner


    sadly Drake did murder the “Say You Will” beat so no one can beat him with that one..

  • specialk

    Aight..this is too much, time for Ye to drop this shark and sign Drizzy.


    Sean and Drake have two different sounds to me. But if they do sound alike I know that neither of them is biting it’s just how they sound. And Sean has been around for a while check out his first mixtape. He definitely has his own distinct sound

  • Fre$h.

    Big Sean is destined to blow. He got his own sound wit a touch on yeezy in it… can you blame him he’s been signed wit him for a min. Same wit Kid Cudi, you cant say he dont have a touch of yeezy in him. But the difference is that Big Sean is mad lyrical. He not a Lupe but he is more of the new generation of spittaz. The Drakes, the Charles Hamiltons, the Curtains. New flava for young ears to feast on. Dont hate… just shut up and listen.

  • yoyoyo08

    Sean kilt this…not killed…kilt. He was spittin some real ass shit!