Cam’ron Went To College Without Graduating H.S.

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Cam tells the 1515 boys, that despite going to college, he never graduated high school.

“I went to college and didn’t graduate from high school. I got to

college and my coach brought the GED to my room like, ‘Here, you

graduated, congratulations.’ Even though it’s a junior college … I

never took my SATs coming out of high school. I was playing basketball

and this junior college wanted me to come down and play basketball.

When I got there, my GED was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I never

took a test or anything.” 

Amazing. *Shreds High School diploma*

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  • Ah Ha

    So this explains why he so ignorant and stupid. It took his mom passing for him to start to learn towards maturity though not there yet

  • Kelvin

    Real talk: When I was 22 and enrolled into a computer-tech college without a diploma, they said if I pay $250 they could send me to a place where I take a basic reading, writing, and math skills test that I would get an official HS Diploma in the mail. You best believe I jumped right on that. After I got my Dimploma I realized that I wasted 4 years in high school, everything that was on that test I learned by the 6th grade. LOL @ the American school systems

  • blizzie

    his mother didn’t die…..dickfuck