New Video: Reflection Eternal “Back Again”

Whoo Kid gets a haircut and a shave as Talib Kweli shoots a quick video for the song I brought to the Internets a lil while back. Damn, the nigga Mr. Greene could have at least taken his hat off and shit. Ha! Shout out to Dan The Man.

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  • geeqcza

    dope track,love kweli,does anybody know wat kinda cam they use for these whoo kid’s vids?, ineed a new cam,my current camcoder sucks,if anyone knows pls hit me [email protected],YN do you know,can you pls do your boy this favour?

  • bp

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  • peekay, is there any music you do like? i see nothing but complaining and dissing on here and wondering why you’re in the biz. i mean, i’m opinionated as well but i’m starting to question this site.